The upperhand (verse 2)

recognized that ur a catch caught u mouthing wutang tracks weren’t even singles

i think 1 was an interlude my thoughts got hot and sinful

what else was lions tigers bears oh my 2 me i mean wild 2 me

the way you can stand your earth with me an be so down to ground with me

got 2 say ain’t like your not a cutie 2

it’s just u define in several ways the word beautiful

such a hottie sometimes keeping my cools hard to do

flower your the only one worth picking but id pick them all for u

honeysuckle, buttercup, shy, fly as hell

u know i wish u were M-Y G-I-R-L

for real id go 2 war 2 spoil u with the spoils bless u with the best

i’d try to touch the sun like Icarus 2 catch your interest

i’m sick of just accepting loneliness cause these girls ain’t been

up 2 par but since u came in the picture you’ve upstaged them

now your all the rage in my head starlet of my fantasies

staring 2 hard u got me starry eyed might need somebody slappin me

yeah wake me up an i hope it wasn’t just a dream

an i hope its not someone else lying there

cause i swear that spot’s reserved for the finest 

your highness queen of my dimension until time ends

The upperhand (verse 1)

I’m a little nervous seemed a bit 2 early 4 this kind of talking

but i don’t get started maybe 2 late 2 show you where my heart is

in your palm goddess at your altar stick of incense in it’s holder

phermones thick with lust wondering if you wanna go there

boulders block our way all you’ve got to says open sesame

i’ll move them, 4 u i’d attempt to part the waters bay

honestly i’ll tell u why, might have your doubts cause we just met

the explanation’ll only take till you reach an age where you forget

cause the Mayans yet to count the years i’d like us 2 share

an god ain’t get a day of rest till he thought u up an brought u here

an my all is here and here’s my all cause all i hears my conscience

telling me what a felony it be not to work my hardest work the straw till

blisters callous work the land till different lands we have dinner plans in

2 put u in a palace i’d go as far as different planets

dimensions i’d cross them no one could call them parallel to yours

like 2 be the one next 2 u ignoring universal laws 

The Upperhand

U caught my eye like it had popped out of its socket

U stole my heart right out this chest you picked that lock yep

an all i got on you’s my mind can’t let you get out of my reach

girl the upper hand is yours as well as all the rest of me

ain’t nobody bout to judge you, im the only one keeping score

ain’t nobody that could touch, your heart like i can that’s for sure

an i would never take advantage well maybe only of your body

an ain’t nobody gon have it like i got it an you got me, baby

helpless(sadsong freefall)

 my homegurl sasha here in my ode to this addictive phone game

R.I.P. Steven myers we miss u brotha

Happy birthday in Heaven Sonny Liston

Happy birthday in Heaven Sonny Liston